Florida Expected to Maintain Daylight Savings Year Round

Madison Olson, Reporter

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As of March 2018, the Florida legislature passed the Sunshine Protection Act (SPA). This bill declares that the state shall maintain daylight savings time, year-round.

If the state had daylight savings time all year, light and electricity costs would lower significantly and it would benefit the economy. Despite the benefits of the SPA, major changes would have to take place in order for the bill to become a law.

The newsite,“CBS Boston”, explains that, “…the change cannot take effect unless Congress changes federal law.” The bill would become highly controversial because changing a federal law is not easy and it is very time-consuming.

However, if the Sunshine Protection Act becomes a law, then Florida’s economy would be benefited, there would be lower light costs, and there would be an overall improvement in the people’s productivity rate. This means that everyone would be able to enjoy longer days in the sunshine after a long day of work or school.

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Florida Expected to Maintain Daylight Savings Year Round