Unique Automotive Inventions

Madison Olson, Reporter

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Ever since the invention of the first automobile, a numerous amount of automotive vehicles have been created. However, there are some that are very unique and quite divergent compared to the rest. The Capsula, the portable plane car, and the Dymaxion are all automotive inventions that are unique because of their interesting designs and the fact that they were never mass produced.

The Capsula, the portable plane car, and the Dymaxion’s designs are all unique in many different ways.  The Capsula was created in order to take space efficiency to the utmost limit. In the article, “Modular Car: The Capsula”, it states, “The car was a chameleon, capable of becoming the type of vehicle needed in different situations.” Not to mention that it also had gull wing doors, a large interior volume, and it was considered to be eco-friendly. The portable plane car (the Flying Flivver) was known to be a combination of plane and car. Otto Koppen’s, the creator of said vehicle, main goal was to make the automotive small enough to fit into Henry Ford’s office. In the end, the automotive weighed 350 pounds, had a wingspan of 22 feet, was 15 feet long, and was a single-seat plane. The Dymaxion was tear dropped shaped, 20 feet long, made of aircraft-grade steel, and weighed less than 1,000 pounds. It also had a single headlight, 3 wheels, room for 11 passengers, no moving windows, a painted canvas roof, and it had a periscope instead of a rearview mirror. Since the three vehicles had such unique designs, why were they never mass produced?

The three automotive inventions are also unique because they all never made it to mass production. Even though the Capsula was one of the few 200 automobiles invented by Italdesign and it had an interesting design, it never mass produced like many would have hoped to occur. The Flying Flivver never mass produced because the only two pilots to maneuver it faced terrible experiences, including death. Charles Lindbergh claimed that it was, “one of the worst aircraft I ever flew”, and Harry Brooks tried to fly it from Michigan to Florida, yet tragedy struck when Brooks crashed about a mile offshore and died. The project was abandoned and has been since then. Due to the notable design of the Dymaxion, manufacturers were ready to invest in the vehicle immediately. However, the automotive crashed with another at a world fair in 1933. The text, “Dymaxion Car”, explains that, “The crash killed the driver of the prototype and injured several potential investors. Interest in the unique auto vanished like a dream.”

The portable plane car, the Dymaxion, and the Capsula are all automotive inventions that are unique because of their interesting designs. The fact that they were never mass produced are quite obvious, due to the lack of product testing, unlike today’s automotive designs. With such innovative automobiles, one may question what other automotive inventions are there that are just as unique.

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Unique Automotive Inventions