Why go to Spain to see the Roman Ruins?

Madison Olson, Reporter

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Spain is home to many cultural traditions, cities, and sites. However, many people do not know that it is also a wonderful country to visit in order to see the Roman ruins. Spain contains ruins, such as the well-known Calat Alhambra, that showcase its heritage and history. Additionally, Toledo, Spain contains beauty and culture that, by far, exceeds the modern, big cities.

There are plenty of things to do and see in Spain, especially ones that showcase its history and heritage. In the article, “The Resilient Roman Ruins of Spain”, it states, “The ruins that have been left behind are not only a big part of Spain’s history, but they also show traces of the lasting impact of the Roman Empire.” Some of the most impressionable Roman structures that remain are: Italica, the Aqueduct in Segovia, and the City of Merida. The Aqueduct in Segovia, “…allowed people in the cities to access fresh water.” Likewise, the City of Merida contains the most Roman ruins in Spain- such as a forum and amphitheater. Not to mention, the remains of Italica, “…are well preserved and offer plenty of history.” Ryan Howland states in his article that one of the most amazing things is that they remain standing after so many centuries.

It is important to visit the Alhambra in Spain because of it’s deep and interesting history. The Alhambra was used as a palace and fortress. After many episodes of abandonment and rebuilding, it’s most notable use of occupancy was when it was used as the barracks of Napoleon’s army in the 1800s, during the Spanish War of Independence. During the army’s departure, bombs that were placed in the towers destroyed some of the structure. Later in 1870, it was declared as a national monument, which led to UNESCO naming it as a World Heritage Site in 1984. The Alhambra is way more than just a tourist attraction. The text, “Why Take the Time to Visit the Alhambra in Spain?”, quotes, “It shows how great buildings can be built and rebuilt through the years; it provides an example of the many different cultures and people who have lived and ruled the lands of Spain throughout history; and it is a symbol of how much can change while still remaining the same.”

There are more than just big cities to see. Toledo provides entertaining and cultural experiences for tourists. Like the Alhambra, Toledo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also known as the “City of the Three Cultures”. The publishing, “Discover Toledo, Spain”, explains, “…Toledo boasts countless churches, synagogues, mosques, convents, palaces, fortresses, and museums that showcase the longstanding coexistence and influences of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim cultures.” The beautiful city can be found sitting upon a hill surrounded by gorges on three of the sides. When visiting, tourists may be interested in seeing the great cathedral, ancient walls, or the infamous Alcazar. “The heritage of the people who live there is always on display.” This can be seen by admiring some Damascene jewelry and sampling some homemade marzipan candies. Rather than visiting a modernized city, the timeless beauty of Toledo is a reason in itself to visit this stunning landscape.

There are many reasons on why people should visit Spain. One of the most unlikely reasons is to see the beautiful structures of the Roman ruins. These ruins, such as the Calat Alhambra, showcase its rich history and heritage. Not to mention that Toledo contains an unparalleled beauty that would be like any other traditional city. No wonder Spain is such a wonderful country to visit in order to see such admirable landscapes!

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Why go to Spain to see the Roman Ruins?