Having a crying problem? Try these new Sunions

Alexis Useche, Reporter

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Researchers have finally created a genetically modified onion that does not cause people to cry. What is it called? The Sunion, a small yellow and sweet onion.


Normal onions set off a chemical called Syn-Propanethial-S-Oxide which will galvanize the tear glands making them release tears. Sunions however, loose this effect while in storage, stated in Everyday Mysteries.com.


“This onion is the product of more than 30 years of research and development to produce an onion that actually decreased in pungency during storage,” Sunions breeder Rick Watson stated at the release.


According to The Packer “Sunions are marketed and distributed exclusively by Generation Farms, Lake Park, Ga.; Onions 52, Syracuse, Utah; and Peri & Sons Farms, Yerington, Nev.”

“We’ve established a strict protocol with our sensory team not to allow the release of Sunions until they reach peak flavor and tearlessness. We want to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace with a set of stringent quality requirements to maintain our brand promise.” says  Lyndon Johnson, crop manager for onions at Bayer Vegetable Seeds during the release.

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Having a crying problem? Try these new Sunions