Congress forces shutdown over budget disagreements, reopens days later

Alexis Useche, Reporter

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The national government has shutdown last  weekend. The shutdown began on Jan 20.


A government shutdown is when Congress doesn’t approve a federal budget for the upcoming fiscal year and nonessential functions of the U.S. government close until lawmakers can agree on a budget.” stated.


The government shut down after failing to reach an immigration and spending agreement, according to


“The Democratic party is trying to sabotage his father’s presidency by ruining his momentum to get business done by diverting attention from how well the economy has become,” Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump stated.


Other members of the Republican party have gone into further detail by saying that Democrats are protecting citizens under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) when they should be focused on the American people, according


On the other hand, Democrats have been saying that the shutdown is the Republican’s fault.


“It’s clear that negligence and incompetence are in the Republican DNA. This is the first time I can ever recall a party with control of the White House and BOTH chambers of Congress causing a government shutdown. #TrumpShutdown,” Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Minority leader stated in a tweet.


Pelosi and other members of the Democratic party continue to defend their party from the blame.


“The Republicans control the White House, Senate & House. With that power comes a basic responsibility to keep the government open. Tonight they failed, and now the American people will suffer. #TrumpShutdown,” Senator Cory Booker stated in a tweet.


The shutdown lasted a total of three days and ended on Jan, 22. The senate voted on whether or not they should keep it down, which resulted in President Trump signing a bill to end the government shutdown.

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Congress forces shutdown over budget disagreements, reopens days later