Basketball Seniors

Tiffany Miller, Reporter

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  • Alexis Hernandez

Senior, Alexis Hernandez, started playing basketball since he has attended Branford High School, in middle school. “Don’t ever give up on something that you’re doing” Hernandez suggests to underclassman. His goals for this year are to get better and better, and to encourage others to be good.  Once you reach your goals you want to get new ones, one of my goals is to play for college team.” Hernandez States.


  • Dylan Kelley

Student, Dylan Kelley, has always liked playing basketball when starting in 6th grade, and his love for the sport just grew. He would like to have a great senior year, and try to help the team as much as he possibly can. “He’s taught us a lot and he’s helped me grow as a basketball player and as a man, thank you .” Kelley says about his Coach Richie Frye.   He encourages underclassman to work harder and get better and better every single day. Kelley would also like to thank his teammates for being like brothers to him, and he will remember them forever.


  • Trey Sapp

Trey Sapp, 12th grade, starting his journey playing basketball in middle school. He’s played on and off since he first started.  Sapp started to play the sport because his big sister played and liked to play. “Thank you for putting the time and effort you put into coaching us.” Sapp says to his Coach Richie Frye.


  • Seth Reaves

Senior Seth Reaves, like many other seniors started to play in 6th grade. Reaves advises underclassman to shoot more if you want to get better. Reaves started playing the sport because he liked to play. He would like to thank his coach for sticking with them for so long. “We made great memories, and I look at you guys like brothers” Reaves says to the fellow seniors.


  • Thristian Quillin

Thristian Quillin starting playing basketball at the young age of nine and has played ever since. His goal for the season was to give his best and never give up. Quillin encourages underclassman to keep working hard. He would also like to thank Coach Richie Frye for being a good one.


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Basketball Seniors