Deadweight Part 2 Tour Review

Em Varga

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Head Banging, guitar riffs, stage diving, crowd surfing, and a mosh pit was not even scratching the surface of what I witnessed at the sold out Wage War show in Jacksonville, Fl. and it was pretty cool. As this show was my first concert, I was scared because I didn’t know what to expect  and I did not want to be seriously injured but I got out unscathed for the most part.

My dad took me to the show so I wasn’t alone but he stood at the back of the venue and I was front row so I was kinda alone, Then halfway through the second show, the mosh pit opened up. If you don’t know what a mosh pit is its where people just hit each other very hard, but luckily being in the front I was mostly unharmed.

Let’s start before the show  my dad and I arrived an hour and a half early and parked pretty close to the venue. Walking up to 1904 Music Hall which was where the concert was  I passed Oceans Ate Alaska on the street and internally screamed but we got in line and were about 10 feet from the door.

Once in the door some people checked our tickets and then let us in and we had about 30 minutes and I bought a t-shirt then got to my place in the front-row.

The first band that went on was Loathe, which is a metal band from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. They weren’t really well known so there wasn’t much pushing, crowd surfing or stage diving though there was still some.

I didn’t really care about what was going on because I really didn’t listen to this band. I tried to stay out of the real fans way but that caused me some bruises.

I didn’t really know what to do because it was my first show and they were right in front of me so

I waved at the lead vocalist and he waved back it was probably one of the best moments of my teen life.

Next band was Varials, which is where stuff got crazy. Crowd surfers and stage divers started going hard, I got kicked in the head many times by random. I didn’t go to see this band but I liked most of the songs they played.

People kept wanting to push me and others in front, so I had to grip onto the speaker so I wouldn’t fall over. This was deemed ineffective when I was pushed to the ground during Gideons set.

The band Gideon was the last band before the two I was there to see and it was even crazier than Varials set because they incited a Wall Of Death.

So if anyone does not know what a Wall of Death is, it’s when the crowd splits down the middle and they run towards each other causing injuries and I didn’t notice until it was too late.  I had enough time to grab my glasses to keep them on my face and then I was on the ground.

I wasn’t on the ground for long when someone helped me up and I pushed my way back to my original space and kept a firm grip on the ground for the rest of the show and didn’t pay attention to the rest of Gideons set.

Then it was Oceans Ate Alaska, the band I went there to see and it was nothing short of amazing. They played one of my favorite songs and I was jumping and if anyone pushed me ,I pushed back. I enjoyed my favorite band while staying clear of the mosh pit.

Before the set the drummer for Oceans Ate Alaska, Chris Turner, took his pants off and played in his underwear then halfway through the show he took his shirt off but the venue was pretty hot.

So the show was on and then they played Escapist and I went ,not as crazy as everyone else, but I was into it screaming lyrics, jumping. Though I never stage dived ,I watched the guy standing next to me get taken down to the ground by a guy who did stage dive and it looked like it hurt.

Wage War went next and them being the headliner, they had a longer set. They played 13 songs while everyone else played five. They opened with the song Southbound which is the only song I know the lyrics to.

So after that song finished, I was kinda lost as I didn’t know any other songs as I went specifically for Oceans Ate Alaska and to hope Wage War played Southbound but I kept screaming on if I kinda knew a lyric but everyone could tell I was a poser.

Since they were headlining, every person in that venue except me and a few others knew each and every lyric to every song and went hard, a girl fainted like she really just passed out though the members of Wage War noticed and helped her.

The crowd surfers were doing their thing then this guy who was probably twice my body weight and maybe around 6´4´´ kicked me square in the back of the head which caused my glasses to fly off my face and the lense to pop out. On top of that, this clearly intoxicated girl behind punched me in the head but that time I elbowed her in the collarbone.

I left the Wage War show covered in other people’s sweat, my head hurt, my ears were ringing, I was very dehydrated, and I had a huge bruise on my thigh but I got a t-shirt so all was well. All in all, the show was awesome and I had an amazing time.  


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Deadweight Part 2 Tour Review