Andy leaves As It Is

Em Varga

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Transatlantic pop punk band As It Is has announced that guitarist Andy Westhead will be leaving the band.


“We are very sorry to have not updated you all on this development. Trust us, we have so very much wanted to say something, but we were hoping to delay any public statements until we could make one with Andy’s full involvement and approval.

However, it is important to us that we be upfront with you all. We sincerely regret that news of this situation did not reach all of you via a more formal, fair statement. It was never our intention to make this situation any more difficult than it has been already, and we hate seeing you guys upset and confused, so we’ll tell you as much as we can.” said the bands official statement.


Rumors arose after Andy did not join the band on their tour with Neck Deep this month. Though apparently the split happened months ago.

According to their statement “Back in August, Ali, Ben, Foley & Patty came to the decision that we could no longer continue with Andy. Feelings and differences had been building up for at least a year; we tried to deal with these issues between all five of us, but sadly there were no improvements, and so it came to this point.

Even though the four of us felt that this was the only solution for the health of both the band and ourselves as individuals, this was still the hardest decision we have ever had to face, and we did not make it lightly.”

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Andy leaves As It Is