Moon Landing: Was it fake?

Dayla Capallia

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On July 20 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins landed on the moon. That’s what the majority of people believe.

However, there is a group of people that believe that it was just a regular Sunday and the whole thing was staged.

Why would we fake the moon landing? The moon landing conveniently “happened” during the Cold War where Russia and the United States competed for “technological superiority.”

Why wouldn’t the United States fake the moon landing to show Russia that we could do it before them? It’s brilliant.

Another reason they might have faked it is because it was widely believed that it would be incredibly expensive to send astronauts to the moon. Therefore, the United States wanted to prove to Russia and the rest of the world that they were financially stable enough to be able to afford this.

Why do people believe that the moon landing was a hoax? Many reasons, some more convincing than others, lead us to believe that the United States never landed on the moon or at least not when they said they did.

If you look up on a clear night, you’re most likely going to see a sky full of stars. Imagine that view from space! Should be amazing, right?

Wrong. In the videos of the moon landing, there are no stars in the background.

Another compelling piece of evidence is a little something known as the “C Rock”.

According to, in the background a stray moon rock can be seen with the letter “C” stamped onto it.

Maybe this rock was a prop in this elaborate moon landing scheme, and a set designer accidentally left the rock turned around.

Perhaps one of the most famous pieces of evidence to the moon landing is the fact that the American flag appears to sway in the “breeze.” However, there is no wind on the moon.

Is the mood landing a hoax that was made up for political advantage? You decide.


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Moon Landing: Was it fake?