Times, practices change for students

Sydney Holder

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Over the years, student customs and practices have changed and shifted too many times to count.  These variations consist of how students learn, reading practices and even safety procedures and drills.  

The way students learn today is drastically different than the way students learned twenty years ago.  This is because of technology; a few examples of this would be how we have chromebooks, calculators and the wide, open internet as of today.  

“When I was in school if you didn’t have an encyclopedia set at home, you had to go to the library to learn stuff.  Where as now, an encyclopedia is on our phone.  I mean the whole world is on our phone.  So if I want to know something, I don’t have to go anywhere.  It can come to me,” states Mrs. Tammy Neil.  

How much students are reading for pleasure has severely dropped in just a few years and the charts keep getting lower and lower.  A 2014 study revealed that as students get older, they read less for entertainment.  Reading rates have also declined over the past 30 years.  

“In 1984, 8% of 13-year-olds and 9% of 17-year-olds said they “never” or “hardly ever” read for pleasure. In 2014, that number had almost tripled, to 22% and 27%,” reads Time’s article about the 2014 study.  

One of the more drastic and ushered alterations just might be the revised safety procedures and drills schools have to apply to.  When school faculty and student’s parents were in school, there were no active shooter drills and programs.  Today, Florida public schools have submitted to the ALICE Training Program, which was created in case an active shooter came onto a school campus and opened fire.   

There are, of course, other differences from students of the past and present, but these were three of the more deliberate changes.  Other changes might be, what the students are learning, how much of a workload students can handle and school spirit.  All of these being controversial.

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Times, practices change for students